The Disruptors: How Big Tech Will Change The Future Of Healthcare

This 60 minute talk examines the impact Amazon, Apple, Google and others will make on healthcare.

Healthcare and especially hospital-based healthcare is going through a massive disruptive phase right now, with most of the changes being brought about by 1) new technologies and 2) new entrants, competitive and non-competitive, into the space. In this presentation Ron will illustrate the scope of these changes, and the impacts and unintended consequences that may occur.


1) Show how all these 5 companies plan to impact hospitals and healthcare - Amazon, Google, CVS and Walmart, and now Apple have ridden the wave of businesses leveraging their existing frameworks into healthcare.

2) Illustrate the disruptive impact technology is having on hospitals, particularly the shift from hospitals as healthcare delivery systems to hospitals as data institutions. What changes will all the data collected from EHR’s bring about? What is the role of genomic testing, especially when this data is  combined with EHR data and studied with machine learning?

3) Promote an understanding of a timeline of these events, and how they will work in tandem to alter healthcare delivery and evolve the mission of healthcare delivery.