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5000 Years Of Interest Rates (and Where They Might Go From Here)

If you back 5000 years, you'll find that interest rates have never been as low as they are right now, especially in real terms.

In this presentation we take a highly detailed analysis of money market and borrowing practices in major economies to provide context with events in today's economy.

We will go from Mesopotamian times through the Renaissance into modern Europe and concentrate on America since 1900. In doing so we will gain insight and to where the future of interest rates may lie, and what motivates the current behavior of the Federal Reserve.

New credit instruments are being introduced at a rapid pace and the volume of fixed income obligations is exploding. Fixed income is typically a part of any estates portfolio and so it's very important to foster a discussion of past and current interest rate developments. They provide a valuable clue into a nation's economic political and financial market health.

Learning Objectives

· Examine the history of interest rate from their inception until now

· Infer what the primary drivers of interest rate changes are, and how they have affected historical events.

· Define strategies we can use to infer future interest rate changes, based upon what we have learned

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