I show clients and conference audiences the probable disruptive effects of technological change on their industries. Currently I am focused on analyzing the impact of:

  • Amazon’s Haven initiative with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway

  • Apple’s Plans for Healthcare

  • Retail in Healthcare; CVS, WalMart, and Best Buy

  • Fintech, Venture Capital In Healthcare

  • The Monetization Of EHR Data

My bio is here. Some research articles on topics I have been studying are here. Information on presenting my research to your board or conference is here. A list of recent speaking clients is here. A look at a slide deck from my main presentation is here.

In early October my company 818 Research LLC will be releasing a 50-page report entitled “Trends In Venture Capital Investing By Hospitals In The U.S.” It is intended as a guide for hospital C-suites and their boards. It will be available here.