I am a researcher, writer, and filmmaker. I concentrate on healthtech, fintech and demographics. I am the Research Director at Mythros LLC.

  • Public speaking: Events: 650 -> Cities: 254 -> Venues: 480 -> People: (in person) 400,000+

  • Directed Why WalMart Works, the first film to ever premiere in the U.S. Capitol Building.

  • Author of 3 books. Remotopolis due in January.

  • Written about in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and New Yorker magazine.

  • Featured on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, the BBC, and Jon Stewart's Daily Show.

  • Portfolio manager/Commodities trader for 15 years

  • Graduate of Georgia Tech in Industrial Management.

Big Tech Med

The big four technology companies - Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft - are accelerating their pursuit of the healthcare market as they begin to refine their strategies for certain corners of the ecosystem. US healthcare players are forced to shift their digital transformation efforts online and Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft lend their data and technological expertise to become attractive players in healthcare. This comes as health organizations are struggling with an increasingly sicker population, higher costs, and changing consumer demands for faster and more convenient services.

Key points in the presentation:

1) Provide an overview of Google, Amazon, Apple' and Microsoft's most prominent healthcare projects and plans.

2) Highlight the persistent gaps in the US healthcare system that provide Big Tech and their cutting-edge technologies with entryways into the industry.

3) Identify the incumbent healthcare players that will benefit from and be threatened by big tech companies' foray into healthcare.

4) Outline the barriers that are still in place that are stifling tech giants' dive into the health space.

For speaking inquiries please contact Richard Schelp at richard@executive speakers.com

  • Research Focus:

  • Healthcare futurism

  • Demographics/Senior Care

  • Entrepreneurship/Startups

  • Leadership

  • Big Tech/Big Data

  • The Abstraction Of Finance

Work in progress:

  • Age Invaders - a documentary about the social and economic impact of the gray revolution

  • 5000 Years Of Interest Rates - a documentary on the evolution of interest rates as a social determinant.