Ron has spoken at hundreds of conferences over the last 10 years, generally on topics focused on technological disruptions within the healthcare and finance industries.

He can be reached at ron (at)

His agent is Richard Schelp of Executive Speakers Bureau. Richard’s number is 901.754.9404

Recent Speaking Clients

Alabama Credit Union League

American Marketing Association

Arizona Bankers Association

Arizona Bankers Association

Arizona Hospital Association

Arkansas Hospital Association

Association of Agricultural Production Executives

California Credit Union League

Colorado Credit Union League

Connecticut Bankers Association

Divine Mercy Hospital

Connecticut Hospital Association

Education Credit Union Council

Financial Planners Association

Financial Times (London)

Florida Bankers Association


Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Georgia Community Hospital Association

Greenwich Hospital

IBM Credit Union League

Idaho Hospital Association

Indiana Hospital Association

Int’l Association of Refrigerated Warehousing

Iowa Bankers Association

Iowa Hospital Association


Kansas Bankers Association

Kansas Hospital Association

Kansas Credit Union League

Kentucky Hospital Association

Louisiana Bankers Association

Louisiana Hospital Association

Maine Credit Union League

Maine Hospital Association

Marketing Association of Credit Unions

Maryland Bankers Association

Maryland Hospital Association

Massachusetts Bankers Association

Massachusetts Credit Union Association

Minnesota Bankers Association

Missouri Credit Union League

Montana Blue Cross Blue Shield

Montana Credit Union Network

National Council of Postal Credit Unions

Nebraska Bankers Association

Nebraska Credit Union League

Nebraska Hospital Association

Nevada Hospital Association

New Jersey Credit Union League

New York Bankers Association

North Carolina Credit Union League

North Dakota Bankers Association

Novo Nordisk Corporation

Ohio Bankers Association

Ohio Hospital Association


Ohio State Medical Association

Oklahoma Credit Union League

Oklahoma Hospital Association

Paragon Group

Pennsylvania Credit Union League

South Carolina Bankers Association

South Carolina Credit Union League

South Carolina Hospital Association

South Dakota Bankers Association

South Dakota Hospital Association

Tennessee Bankers Association

Tennessee Credit Union League

Tennessee Hospital Association

Urgent Care Association of America

Utah Credit Union League

Utah Hospital Association

VirginIa Hospital Association

Washington Bankers Association

Washington Hospital Association

West Virginia Hospital Association

Wisconsin Bankers Association

Wisconsin Hospital Association

Wyoming Bankers Association

Yale School of Law


2019 Schedule

3/18/19 Orlando-WDW

3/29/19 Princeton NJ

4/9/19 Dallas TX

4/11/19 Williamsburg

4/26/19 Des Moines, IA

5/1/19 Duluth

5/2/19 Palm Springs

5/9/19 Lexington, KY

5/10/19 Asheville, NC

5/16/19 Appleton, WI

6/3/19 Columbus

6/7/19 Missoula, MT

6/13/19 Wisconsin Dells

6/19/19 Rockport ME

6/27/19 Amelia Island FL

7/13/19 Destin, FL

7/19/19 Hilton Head SC

7/20/19 San Antonio

7/23/19 TBD

8/6/19 TBD

9/11/19 TBD

9/19/19 Santibel Island, LF

9/21/19 Chicago

11/10/19 Santa Barbara, CA

11/8/19 Osage Beach MO